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Toddlers (18 mos-3 yrs)

Our Montessori toddler program (18 months-3 years) offers a transformative experience tailored to harness your child’s innate curiosity and thirst for learning. Here’s a glimpse into what sets us apart from traditional daycares:

Optimized Environment: Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed to cater to toddlers’ specific needs. With low shelves, child-sized furniture, and engaging displays at eye level, we create a nurturing space that fosters independence and exploration.

Focused Learning: We prioritize two key areas: language development and cultivating independence and social interaction skills. Through interactive activities, conversations, and creative exercises, we nurture your child’s linguistic abilities while empowering them to master daily tasks with confidence.

Empowering Independence: From practical life exercises to snack routines, we offer toddlers endless opportunities to practice self-care skills. Through structured activities and gentle guidance, we instill a sense of achievement and autonomy in every child.

Social Skills Development: Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of social skills and cooperation. Through role modeling and language development, we help children navigate social interactions with grace and empathy, laying a strong foundation for harmonious relationships.

Structured Environment: Dr. Montessori’s insights guide our approach to creating a simple, orderly environment with clear routines and limited choices. We empower toddlers to thrive and confidently explore by providing consistency and predictability.

Psychosensorial Activities: Our program includes various hands-on activities designed to enhance sensory perception and motor skills. From bead stringing to physical exercises, we stimulate both body and mind, fostering holistic development.
Our Montessori toddler program is dedicated to nurturing your child’s natural curiosity and potential, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and growth. Join us on this enriching journey today!


Your toddler has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to absorb information from the environment like a sponge. That’s why Montessori for toddlers is more than just childcare: we provide a toddler with the ideal environment to make the most of this irreplaceable period of time.

Dr. Montessori discovered that during the toddler period, a young child has a special aptitude for learning certain things:

  • Toddlers are especially sensitive to order – and we build on that interest to establish good habits that last a lifetime.
  • Toddlers can absorb language from their environment—learning even big words easily and with pleasure—and become happier as they learn the words to express their needs, rather than resorting to crying or tantrums.
  • Toddlers are eager to learn to take care of themselves and become independent, and we guide them in learning how to do things independently, thereby developing their budding sense of self-efficacy.

Enrolling your child in a Montessori toddler program, rather than at a childcare center, has many benefits. Here are just a few for you to consider:

  • A positive toilet learning experience. Done the Montessori way, almost all children can be diaper free soon after starting in our program. Sign up for our newsletter on the form at the right to discover how we work together to facilitate this developmental milestone!
  • Fewer toddler struggles. Montessori toddlers learn how to actually do things by themselves, making family meals more fun, and getting out of the house easier.
  • A child who learns to play happily by himself. Montessori toddlers learn to play independently. You may be surprised how your 2-year-old can occupy himself happily, without your constant attention, no TV babysitting needed!
  • A huge spurt in language capability. Many parents report that their children’s vocabulary increased dramatically within a few months of joining our program. Better language skills = more fun interactions with your child, and fewer tantrums caused by not being understood!