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NLCI Schools Celebrate Earth Day 2015

Schools across the country released ladybugs back into the environment, planted gardens, hosted recycling drives and conducted other community service projects.

Nobel Learning Communities, Inc. preschools, elementary and middle schools celebrated Earth Day this year by hosting nearly 80 events and activities to benefit the environment and their communities. Schools across the country released ladybugs, planted gardens, hosted recycling drives, learned about water conservation, and more. Community service and exploring nature at a young age is a core component of Nobel Learning’s signature Links to Learning curriculum.

“Our curriculum is heavily focused on teaching the importance of community service and exploring nature, so Earth Day presents a wonderful opportunity for our schools to plan and participate in activities that positively impact the environment,” said Patty Miller, Chief Operating Officer for Nobel Learning Communities, Inc. “From releasing ladybugs to planting gardens and hosting recycling drives, it’s delightful to see the excitement and enthusiasm our students displayed while working to improve their communities.”

The most popular Earth Day event at Nobel Learning schools was the ladybug release. Leading up to Earth Day, preschool students learned that ladybugs are beneficial to nature because they feed on insects that are harmful to gardens, trees and shrubs. This year, nearly 60 Nobel Learning sister schools in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania released ladybugs.



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