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Montessori Elementary

Where successful learners are tomorrow's leaders

At our Montessori elementary, students achieve academic proficiency and learn to adapt their classroom lessons to real life situations. We ensure students are prepared for the future by grounding them in core academics as well as developing leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Students learn how to manage their time and resources and are held accountable for completion of daily, weekly, and long-term assignments.

Montessori classes are multi-age and allow children to progress at their own pace. The comprehensive spiraling curriculum integrates subjects together with the Five Great Lessons. These lessons are repeated each year and stimulate students’ curiosity about large concepts: Universe and Earth, Coming of Life, Coming of Human Beings, Story of Writing, and Story of Numbers. Exploration of these concepts leads to more detailed studies that include astronomy, meteorology, physics, chemistry, geology, geography, biology, botany, habitats, early humans, history, state history, language, and mathematics.

Our well-rounded curriculum includes art, drama, music, music history, technology, physical education, and Spanish. Students graduate as caring and confident achievers well prepared for continued growth in the classroom and beyond.