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Full Day School-Age Care

Our Club Connect full day program for school-age students provides support for students completing their public school assignments on days when your child’s public school is not in session.


• Dedicated and specially trained staff members guide and support students in completing their schoolwork
• Structured daily schedule helps students maintain a sense of routine
• Enhanced safety and cleanliness procedures to keep our school safe for students
• Extended hours
• Schoolwork activities detailed in daily and weekly student connection logs


Our full day program also includes fun and engaging enrichment activities designed to give students an opportunity to learn valuable life skills.


• Hands-on projects allow students to express themselves and work to become more self-sufficient
• Robust outdoor free play and structured games help students learn sportsmanship and develop physical strength and endurance
• Students explore the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) through building projects, experiments and design challenges
• Social and emotional growth is nurtured through student and teacher led activities that promote a feeling of community and belonging