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After School Activities

We offer a range of fun and enriching activities after school for an additional fee. Options are listed in the attachment (please call school for most updated information at ((208)939-6333).

Below is a brief description of each ancillary class, please review the link at the bottom of the page for days, times, and costs.

Kids In Motion (age 2-K): Sports and Fitness class designed to focus on the development of physical qualities of strength, balance, flexibility, and body coordination through games, sports, and coordination activities

Beakerz (K-3): Science classes designed to meet the needs of Kindergarten through Lower Elementary.  Students will learn about science tools, safety, and the basics of science to provide a solid foundation moving forward in the growing STEM-focused educational world.  Come join the experiment based science class and the wonders science brings.

Geeko Labs (Upper Elementary): Session 1 will focus on building and working in virtual reality!

Geeko Labs (K-3rd):  Session 1 is a building lab with projects based learning through legos.

Happy Feet Soccer (age 3-K):  Come and learn the basics of soccer!  Learn how to run, dribble, pass, and make shots.  Play soccer like games and begin the development of coordination.

Ballet: (age 3-K): Dance Connection provides a basic ballet class.  Students learn ballet positions, leaps, jumps, turns, and more.  Continued enrollment will result in a Spring Dance Recital.

Chess: (Elementary):  Bob Bishop is back teaching us all our Chess skills.  New players to advanced players will enjoy the chess challenges, games, and more.  You may even participate in a tournament or two.

Spanish: (age 3 and up):  Spanish classes will focus on culture and language through fun and games geared toward both new and seasoned speakers of Spanish.

Cello: (age 3 and Up):  Dr Wharton continues his amazing cello lessons.  His passion for teaching and playing cello will shine through your children as he trains them from basics to advanced work on the cello.

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