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March Newsletter 2022

From the Desk of the Principal:
It is hard to believe we are already entering the month of March. The weather will continue to be
unpredictable, but we hope warmer weather is on the horizon. With the arrival of spring, we will
have more hours of sunshine and temperatures on the rise. This will provide our students the
opportunity to spend more time outside and burn off that pent-up winter energy. It gives them a
renewed spirit and opportunity to continue to focus on the joys of change!
March will be another busy month at school. March is National Literacy Month. Literacy goes
beyond a general understanding of reading and writing. To continue to grow as people and in a
society, it is important to nurture these skills. Even before reading begins and long after the
learning process has been completed. Young children can improve literacy by being read to
before they are readers, reading with you as emerging readers, reading together as fluent
readers, and by watching parents and teachers being active readers both at home and in
As we wind down our school year, it is imperative that our students are here every day to
ensure they are getting the best education possible. While we understand life happens, please
understand that even a few minutes late can have a huge impact on how a student’s day
begins. They walk into the building behind other students when classroom meetings have
already started, or transitions have already happened. We have an amazing staff that are all
dedicated to supporting your students to succeed. Please allow them the opportunity to provide
them the best possible day by having them at school ready to learn.

Thank you everyone for completing our annual re-enrollment process! We hope that this year
was much simpler than in past years. We will hope to move it online for the 2022-2023 school

Summer Camp
We are in the process of collecting summer registration forms! Space is limited, so if you want to
get on the list, please do so quickly!

School Spirit
Our campuses will be celebrating this month with March Madness! Instead of uniforms on
Mondays, join us in celebrating our collegiate campus across the US. We will also have school
spirit days in conjunction with our literacy focus seen below:
March 7th, 14th, 28th: March Madness Monday!
March 11th: Inside-out day!
March 17th: Wear Green!

Other Important Dates:
March 13th—Daylight Savings Time
March 18th —Early Release at 12:30 for the whole school
March 21-25—Spring Break/Gap Camp

Newsletter Rm 2- Ms. Ashley

Newsletter Rm 3 – Ms. Erin

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Newsletter Rm7 – Ms. Aryn

Newsletter Rm 8 – Ms. Maddie

Newletter Rm 9 – Ms. Maria

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