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February 2021 Newsletter

A Note From Our Principal

It is difficult to believe that we are halfway through the school year. Our winter weather has seemed more spring like than winter! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning and with that comes the prediction of 6 more weeks of winter weather. Spring is right around the corner though and we will soon be able to open our doors/windows and breath the fresh warm air. Better yet, allow the children more outside time and exercise.

Congratulations to all our K-6th grade students as they completed our mid-year formative assessment with I-Ready. All their hard work is showing off as 52% of our students are reading above grade level and 98% of our students are on grade level!

I hope that we continue to see the downward trend of COVID in our area. I feel like I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to a little less complexity, frustration, and the three-pronged job of mom, teacher, and Principal. I know that I am not alone in that! I thank all of you for sticking with us through many changes over the last year. We will continue to adjust as needed to be able to provide your children a quality education that is so desperately needed in today’s world.

Have a wonderful month and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Kimberly Brooks


Priority Registration for the 2021-2022 School Year

Making decisions about your child’s education can be challenging. We want to inspire confidence in your decision, while making the process as simple as possible.

February is re-enrollment starting on the 11th. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information laid out in front of you so you can make the best decision for your family even if it is not our school. We of course, hope so!

If you are seeking information on our Kindergarten or Elementary (1st-6th grade), please join us on our information nights to discuss the importance of the third year aka Kindergarten, joining Elementary as a first grade family, or continuing on as an Upper Elementary family with fourth grade (see important dates below for specifics).

While there are many great educational approaches in our area and Montessori being one of them, our goal is to provide you with concrete information regarding our programming as well as what is typically offered at our traditional counterparts/common core. We will offer individual meetings with our team to share where your child is versus where they will be as you continue in Montessori regardless of grade. We can even have current families enrolled in these programs share their experiences and thoughts with you. Then the ball is in your court!

As you begin the dialogue with our school and potentially others, here are some quick video snippets of Montessori at each of the pivotal decision times (Kindergarten, First Grade, and Fourth grade).

Kindergarten—from our Accrediting partners at American Montessori Society


Elementary (1st – 6th)—from our Accrediting partners at American Montessori Society


Blog article—from our sister school LePort Montessori

Why Montessori Elementary

We hope to keep our school strong and have your support with continued enrollment. Re-enrollment begins February 11th and will end on February 26th when Open enrollment begins with our waiting list. If you re-enroll by February 19th and you will receive 50% off registration. Look for further communication on this throughout the month. We are always available to address any questions or concerns you have.


Re-enrollment Process

New this year, you will receive your tuition agreement and rates directly to your inbox via DocuSign. We will pass out the state required and school specific information on February 11th directly to you. Please review all paperwork, sign, and return with deadlines to receive any financial incentives. Registration fees will be billed directly to your account as you turn your re-enrollment paperwork. Book fees for Kindergarten and Elementary will be billed in April 2021.


Montessori Myths—Debunked

Montessori is an unstructured Environment—Myth

Montessori agreed that structure is important for children, but she saw the value in choice as well. The key is to give children choice within limits, thus providing boundaries while also giving the empowering opportunity for children to learn how to trust their own judgement. It’s a lot like how, as parents, we often give our children two choices: both will satisfy our own goals but the child is left with some say in the decision.

Beginning in Kindergarten, our students begin to develop (with support) their skills in managing their own time and completion of daily work. They understand what the expectation of the day is and organize it in a fashion that is empowering to them. They further understand the implications of not getting their daily work done. As they move into Elementary, they begin to experience not only daily work, but weekly, monthly, and long term projects as they move from Lower to Upper Elementary. Most students are not exposed to these life skills until high school or college if ever at all.

Bumpy transition into traditional schools—Myth

A lot of people have concerns regarding a child’s eventual transition from a Montessori school to a conventional middle school, high school, or even college. They worry that the safe bubble a Montessori community can provide will fail to prepare them for ‘the real world’. On the contrary, Montessori tends to prepare children better for ‘the real world’ than many other methods of education, and its graduates go on to be beacons of innovation, kindness, and contributors to their communities. Montessori classrooms teach children to work independently and cooperatively, and not just with children their own age. Montessori guides children to cultivate their own independence, as well as time management skills and internal motivation.

For example, our 6th grade graduates have successfully navigated enrollment processes/transitions into the following schools: North Star Charter, Treasure Valley Math and Science, Foothills, Riverstone International, Idaho Fine Arts Academy, St. Marks, St. Ignatius, and Eagle Middle school (some on partial and full scholarships).

Does it Work? What Research Says About Montessori and Student Outcomes


Important Dates : (All virtual events we will email you a direct link)

Kindergarten Night:

Miss Laura and Miss Kristi Feb. 9th at 5:30—virtual event

Miss Ashley and Mrs. Erin Feb. 10th at 5:30—virtual event

Elementary Night:

Incoming First grade: Feb. 8th at 5:30—virtual event

Incoming Fourth grade: Feb. 9th at 5:30—virtual events


February 11th—Pajama Day—Whole school!

February 12th—School Closed No School—Teacher In-Service

February 15th—School Closed—Presidents Day


Spring Pictures—we will offer spring pictures we are working on dates now!


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