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November 2020 News

A Note From Our Principal,

This month we look at each of our students, families, and teachers with a renewed sense of gratitude.   I recently read an article that articulated my hopes for you in this season of thanks and giving.   My hope for all our community, is that each of you would look to the small, everyday moments that renew this kind of reaction.

“Gratitude in all forms is associated with happiness. Whether we say ‘thank you’ to someone or receive the same from others, the feeling it brings is that of pure satisfaction and encouragement. Expressions of gratitude help in building and sustaining long term relationships, deal with adversities and bounce back from them with strength and motivation.”  – The Neuroscience of Gratitude and How it Affects Anxiety & Grief

With appreciation,

Lila Afoa


Classroom Newsletters

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Room 6 November Newsletter

Room 7 November Newsletter


Holiday Food Collections

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased items from the For Small Hands catalog in October.   Your dollars spent helped earn $150 towards classroom materials.   This year the monies will go towards purchasing multicultural musical instruments for each classroom.

This month our school will be collecting food to support the Idaho Food bank.   The students will be decorating the front vestibule where we will be collecting non perishable food items.   All food items collected, will be sorted and weighed by the children.   Donations will be delivered to the food bank November 20th.

Next month our Giving Tree will be collecting pajama sets and books to supporting children at the Ronald McDonald House.   More information to come.


Cold Weather at School

In true Boise fashion, the change in season happened overnight!   Safety in the winter season is our top priority while at school.   Please help us with being prepared for the weather by the following items.

  1. Daily temperature checks at the front will be done in the front vestibule during cold mornings.   Please help us by saying goodbyes outside and sending your child inside carrying all items before their temperature check.
  2. Classrooms will participate in outdoor play every day.  Be sure to dress your child appropriately for the weather as well as update your child’s extra clothing bag kept at school.   Pro tip:  Label everything!   There are always multiple pairs of black boots/gloves/ coats etc.
  3. Help keep our neighbors and children safe, DRIVE SLOWLY & watch out for unseen obstacles while in our parking lot.   During the winter months we will have a company that will shovel and de-ice our parking lot and sidewalks.   However still use caution; depending on the application time, the surfaces can still be slippery.
  4. Weather caused delays or closures for our school can sometimes effect operating hours.   In the event that a delay or early release is determined, we will send out notifications to families via text, email, update our website and report to the local news.   Early morning school closures will be determined prior to 6 am.   Please call the school for updates or tune into KTVB for information regarding school closures.


Help Wanted

1. Volunteers are needed to help cut and laminate cultural materials for the classroom.   If you would be willing to help take a box home for your classroom, please let the office know.   In addition, we are looking for some volunteers to help cover books from our library.   Last year’s new books still need covering.

2.  As valued members of our school community, your opinion is very important to us. We are committed to understanding how to improve your school experience.  We are using a professional survey company called SMG Research, who will email each parent two times per year. You will be receiving a survey asking you to share your satisfaction of your school experience thus far between November 10th and November 12th. If you have not received your survey by Friday, November 13th, contact your school principal for assistance. Please add donotreplySEG@smg.com to the allow list within your email provider to ensure you get a chance to respond.  The survey only takes a few minutes, and the information you provide will help us make our school better for our families. Your responses will be completely confidential.   Both parents in the family are welcome to respond if you have furnished us with both email addresses.  Thank you for your honest feedback!


Kindergarten Corner

As part of the kindergarten curriculum, kindergarten students participate in a weekly music extension lesson using the Montessori bells.   The children learn to discriminate between different pitches, match identical pitches, grade pitches (recognize musical scales), acquire a sense of rhythm, hear a pitch and correctly associate it to the name of the note, and read and perform music.  Maria Montessori believed that sensory impressions form the basis for higher forms of knowledge and intellectual activity (conceptual understanding, self-consciousness, etc) and that refining the child’s sensory perception would lead to future cognitive gains.  They are also a lot of fun!


Important Dates  

November 2-6 – Kindergarten Workshop:  Ceramica Paint me a Story

November 4-10- Parent satisfaction survey is emailed to families.


November 15– Last day to submit Scholastic Book Club Orders

November 20 –  School Spirit Day- Dress in school logo wear or wear the color green

November 20 – Last day to submit December schedule changes

November 23 — Winter Camp information and sign up will post.


November 30—Student progress reports mailed home.


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