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Welcome Back to School!

Welcome Back To School

Whether you are new to Montessori Academy or a returning student/family, we look forward to having you as a part of our community and hope that you will become involved in our school.  I encourage every student and parent to embrace the opportunity to make this a great school year.  Teachers and administrators have been busy over the summer preparing for the 20-2021 school year.

Teachers and Administrators have participated in professional development to improve instructional opportunities for our students.  Our #1 goal is to improve student learning.  So regardless of where your student begins the year, we want to help them advance their critical thinking, knowledge, skills, and abilities to problem solve.  If at any time you have a question about what is occurring in your students’ class, please contact your student’s teacher.  We all need to work together to benefit our students.

We will continue to provide students with hands on experiences that require students to think critically, problem solve, and assess the progress and the outcomes.  We are working hard to prepare your student for life.  Students are heading into the workforce where the skills of listening, problem solving, communication, and collaboration with co-workers located around the world, will be essential to compete in an ever increasingly global economy.  In addition, the amount of technical information in the world continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Integration of technology into schools is an essential and inevitable part of today’s society.  Students must learn and master how to access information, synthesize, and evaluate it.

We recognize that all our families are busy, the first month of school administration and teachers will be giving you a lot of information.  It is important that you review all written and email correspondence as well as short videos posted on our website (we will notify you when they are posted) as it is a great opportunity for you to get an understanding of student/parent expectations, what you can expect from us, as well as understand our communication platform and homework expectations.  Reviewing and understanding all content, will alleviate a lot of questions and save time for our teachers to spend on other items.

Best wishes for a successful school year!



Drop off and Pick Up Procedures

 All students will have temperatures taken at drop off.  Please wait with your students at labeled spots.

 Students enrolled in morning care will check in through the front doors anytime between 7:30 and 8:15 am.

 Elementary drop off is 8:15-8:30 am at the Elementary Gate.  Pick up is at 3:00 pm at the same gate.

 Primary student drop off is 8:40-9:00 am through the front doors.  Pick up is in the same area at 3pm.

 Students enrolled in our afterschool program will check out through the front doors.  If we do not step out and acknowledge you, please give us a call that you are here.  You can also call us on your way.  We will gather your student and their belongings and be waiting for you.  Afterschool is 3-5:30 pm.

 Due to our mitigation efforts, we will be unable to add students to morning or afternoon childcare without at least 1 day notification.  We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but we may not have the space. 


Parking Safety

SAFETY FIRST!  Please slowdown in the parking area.  The first few days of school will be extremely busy!

The front of the building is a NO PARKING ZONE!  This area is reserved for our bus and one parking place for our PTO.  Parents picking up a sick student or for medical appointments are able utilize the front of the building outside of school start and ending times (8:15-9:30 am and  3:30 pm).



Q:  Where can you find school calendars, special event dates, field trips, parent handbook, or other information about our school?

A:  Our Website!  Please plug www.montessoriacademyeagle.com into your favorite devices.  You will not miss another activity!  Go to the For Parents Tab to find all your needs.  We will send text reminders via Tadpoles and post them on our white board located at parent drop off and pick up spots.


Q:  How do I get school Newsletters?

A:  We email them directly to you for your convenience  as well as post them on our school website.  It is your responsibility to read the main newsletter and your child’s classroom newsletter.

Q:  How do I get information regarding student progress?

A:  We offer bi-yearly parent teacher conferences to sit down and discuss progress and set goals.  You can always request a meeting with your student’s teacher to get additional updates at any time.

School Spirit

School spirit is important because it sets the tone for various aspects of our school and students. When the student body is involved in events on and off campus, it demonstrates a passion for our school that is immeasurable and contagious. School spirit translates into higher expectations of one’s self and surroundings, pushing for positive changes at our local community and beyond.

There are several ways all students can show your school pride at Montessori Academy: wear your School logo wear, PTO wear, or Navy blue, Hunter green, or white each Monday (parents can join too), attend a school event, support campus wide learning initiatives, and involve yourself in events such as Socials when we are able to have them. Engaging in these simple actions is great for our school because it encourages a common bond between fellow students, teachers, and families alike.

Studies have shown that a stronger sense of school spirit generally improves morale and academic performance for families, students, and teachers are happier and more motivated to succeed.

Go Montessori!


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