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February 2020

From the Principal’s Desk:

We are excited to head into the second half of our school year!   It has been amazing to watch everyone grow and learn since the beginning of school.  At Montessori Academy our mission is to help children develop within themselves the foundational habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas which are essential in creative thinking and learning.  We strive to open our student’s minds to develop self-confidence, discover academic excellence, and find joy in life-long learning.

Our school pride is evident in our school each and every day.  Students strive for excellence; academically and in character.  Everyone does their part, both teacher and students, to do whatever it takes to make our school special.  We are connected to each other and to our school.  School pride is the vehicle that lets us learn to believe in something bigger than ourselves.  Our school has value.  It is our home away from home, our family, our community.  It is treating each other with respect and it holds a very special place in our hearts!  We cannot define our school pride in one word, but you know it, feel it, see it, and hear it.  When you walk in you see students supporting each other, teachers supporting whom ever needs it, friendship walks, community events, spirit days, and most importantly all of us making mistakes and learning and growing together.

February 4th, feel free to stop by the office and meet with the PTO, we have some exciting things coming up and we would love to have your support! We will be there from 8am-9:15am.

February 6th join our Elementary families at the LDS church on the corner of Floating Feather and Park Lane for an evening of song inspired by the Beach Boys.  This is a culmination of music learning from the Fall Semester provided by Boise Rock School.  Venue opens at 5:45 pm and music starts at 6:00 pm

Our Upper Elementary (5th-6th) will be headed to MOSS (McCall Outdoor Science School) this month.  They will not only be learning and exploring the world of ecology, but forming closer bonds as they work together to achieve learning outcomes. All that Popcorn parents have been purchasing helps support this learning opportunity.

Our Elementary program has supporting each other as students participated in our Spelling Bee, for a chance to go to Boise State and represent our school. Thanks to all the students who supported the courage and strength it takes to stand up on stage. Cheers to all the students that took the opportunity to practice this by competing in our spelling bee. Congratulations to our top 3; Georgia Roope, Sophia Aella, and Trev Larson.

Our Kindergarten students are working on some community service by making blankets. You may see them with the elementary students selling dog treats, as they are working to raise money for the humane society. Last year we donated over $300 and 12 blankets.

Thanks you parents, teachers, and our students for striving each day to become better people.




Enrollment for the 2020 School Year

February marks the annual priority enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year.  Enrollment packets will be in your students cubby’s at the end of the day on Wednesday February 5, 2020.  Please ensure you read the documents closely as there are deadlines enclosed of discounts and enrollment.  We will open our enrollment on February 19th to all those families on our waiting list.  We want to ensure our currently enrolled families have priority and first opportunities to secure spots.  Please see the office if you have any questions!



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