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May Newsletter


Sunscreen Safety

Our annual sunscreen program will begin this month.  We will be using Rocky Mountain Sunscreen.  Rocky Mountain Sunscreen is a broad spectrum sunscreen that meets or exceeds the new FDA requirements.

Application will be 15 minutes prior to lunch time recess and reapplied to all students in our Afterschool program 15 minutes prior to that recess.

Sunscreen is considered a medication by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, thus we are regulated on how sunscreen can be used in our program.  Due to regulations, parents either choose to participate in our sunscreen program or apply sunscreen at home prior to school.  The school is unable to apply multiple brands and types of sunscreen as it poses risk to students with allergies to certain ingredients in some sunscreens.

Please review the sunscreen ingredients list on the permission slip form and determine it the sunscreen program is the right fit for your child.  There is no cost associated with our sunscreen program.  We will not apply sunscreen unless permission is in writing.


Summer Camp 2016:  Come Be Great!

Enrollment for summer camp is now closed.  If you registered for the first week of Summer Camp in July, please make sure you understood that school is closed July 4th and camp officially begins on July 5th.   In addition, school will be closed June 31st for summer camp preparation.  Billing for camp will reflect this school closure.

If you find that you will need us during the summer and have not registered, please give us a call and if we have someone that dropped or is out on vacation we may be able to squeeze you in.  Please give a 30 day notice to make any changes on your current summer camp registration.

We will have a Summer Camp store available to order additional t-shirts, water bottles, hats, and towels.  A display will be up in the lobby before school is out if you would like to order.

Yearbook Sale Extended

It’s not too late to order a school yearbook!   We’ve extended the pre-sale for another week so that you can order yours today.   Attached is a preview of what’s inside !

Mother’s Day:  Muffin’s with Mom

Moms, we want to celebrate you!  You are invited to join your favorite student for muffin’s with mom in the class.   Below are the classroom celebration dates and times.

  • Thursday, May 5

o   Room 3:  8:30-9:30

o   Room 6:  8:30-9:30

o   Room 7:  8:30-9:30

  • Friday, May 6

o   Room 2:  9-10

o   Room 4:  9-10

o   Room 5:  9-10

Spring Show:  May 4th

School closing early at 5 PM

This Wednesday is our all school performance.   Children are encouraged to dress in neon colors for the performance.   Idaho Shakespeare Festival outdoor theatre will open at 5pm and show will start at 6.   Please remember no lawn chairs at this event and that seating is limited to immediate family members only.   Parkcenter will perform first with Montessori Academy performing second.   Bring some dinner and come have a good time!

Spring Show Recognition

Miss Jan is retiring after 30 years of teaching!   Although we will still see Miss Jan through December of 2016, this will be her last Spring Show and our staff and students are planning on sending her off in style!   If any parent or child that knows Miss Jan (Room 3) would like to make contributions to her retirement  gift basket, please let the office know.   We will presenting it to her on the Spring Show stage!


Teacher Appreciation Week:  May 2-6

Monday, 2nd:

Students bring a flower to fill vase for each teacher.

Chair Massage for Teachers (donated by Andrea Altmayer)

“teachers’ favorites” lists will be available at front desk for parents and students spoil teachers throughout the week.

Tuesday, 3rd:

Children make notes of appreciation at home and bring to post on class door (you can make your own, or hearts will be available at front desk)

Breakfast for Teachers, provided by Nobel Learning Communities

Wednesday, 4th:

Fun with Photos (teachers create silly and fun memories with photo booth provided by the Hull family)

Students and parents can continue to bring in flowers/notes through the week as they wish.

Thursday, 5th:

Miss Aliyah will help the teachers relax and stretch with Yoga (donated by Boise Yoga for Kids)

Children and parents can bring teachers a special treat from their “favorites’ list”

Friday, 6th:

Luncheon for teachers (provided by the BMPTO)

Parents: if you can volunteer an hour to help your teacher enjoy lunch on the patio, see Elisabeth.


Dates To Remember

May 4:             Spring Show

May 5-6:          Mother’s Day celebrations

May 2-6:          Teacher’s Appreciation

May 11:           Musical Kids elective students performance

May 13:           Kindergarten Field trip to Botanical Gardens

May 20:           Kindergarten students sing at Brookdale Retirement Center

May 30:           SCHOOL CLOSED- Memorial Day

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